Fixed Price (FP)

is chosen when a customer has a specification or clear vision of the project. After analyzing this information we provide an estimate for time and efforts the project could take. On the basis of the estimate the proposal is created, and after that the corresponding contract is signed for a particular predefined scope of work. All additional features, requirements and changes that were not discussed before the project start, will be treated as Change Requests and are subject to additional negotiations and payment.

Time&Material (TM)

is chosen in case time-frame, specification or scope of work is not clear enough or the customer envisages the solution will undergo enhancements or modifications during the development, which are not defined at the initial point. Basically, the customer is provided with certain specialists (with certain skills and competence level). In this instance our specialists work on a time and material basis – when a client pays only for the quantity of actual hours spent on the project basing on periodic development reports.